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03 Aug 2009

New article: What options are available for migrating data into SAP from a legacy system? - Introduction to Data Migration, BDC Programs - Batch Data Communications, LSMW - Legacy System Migration Workbench, SXDA - Data Transfer Workbench, Conclusion and Summary

31 July 2009

New article: How to add a picture to the SAP main menu - Customizing the SAP main menu screen, Upload your image to SAP, Assign the image as the start image, Other options, Transporting changes

23 July 2009

New article: How to upload Open Source ABAP code into your ABAP program in SAP - Open Source ABAP Code, Steps to Upload ABAP Code into SAP, Cautionary Note, How to Contribute to SAP-Advisor.com, Making a Donation to SAP-Advisor.com

21 July 2009

New article: BDC Program to Create Storage Bins in the Warehouse - Warehouse Storage Bins, The BDC Program Solution, Create an Excel Data File, Creating theText Import File, Running the BDC Program, BDC Results Report

17 July 2009

New article: BDC Program to update Material Costing from Spreadsheet - Yearly Costing Evaluation, The BDC Program Solution, The Expected Data Format of the Excel Spreadsheet, The BDC Results Report

16 July 2009

New article: How to use Reserved or Additional Fields in SAP - Additional Fields in the Customer Master: General Data, Sales Area Data and Material Master, How additional fields copy over to the Sales Order document, How to change the short descriptions of additional fields, How to add valid values to additional fields.

15 July 2009

New article: How to upload master data from legacy systems using SAP's LSMW ............

13 July 2009

New article: What options are available when setting up SAP On-line Help? Do you know how to use SAP?, System Documentation, Giving users access to SAP Help, Configuring SAP On-line Help for File Servers and Internet Access, Selecting SAP On-line Help options.

10 July 2009

New article: How to reset SAP* after being locked out of the system Keeping track of SAP* and DDIC Userid's and Passwords, Solution to the problem with a step by step process.

10 July 2009

New article: How to take SAP screen shapshots for BPP documentation? Documentation of Business Process Procedures (BPPs), What are my options? Taking SAP Screen Shots using Snagit, Taking SAP Screen Shots using the PrtScn key, Image cropping using Microsoft Word, Create a JPEG file using MS Paint

09 July 2009

New article: Where can I find a complete list of SAP transaction codes? Miscellaneous lists of SAP transaction codes. What SAP table contains all SAP transaction codes? Searching for SAP Transaction Codes. Custom SAP Transaction Codes. Commonly Used SAP Transaction Codes

08 July 2009

New article: What SAP certified payment card processing options are available? What are the PCI payment standards all about? What is encyrption and tokenization all about? What is the difference between On-site and Hosted solutions. What do companies need to do to protect their customer payment information. Three companies that offer SAP certified credit card processing solutions.

01 July 2009

New articles on writing SAPScript documents along with the various parts of a SAPScript have been added

There are also a variety of articles and information on SAPScript print programs, function modules and where to find SAP tables and data for different areas of SAP.

15 June 2009

Several articles are now available on difference aspects of ABAP programming. BDC programs for doing mass data uploads or changes are also included.

Review the ABAP - Tips & Tricks for information on how to do various tasks that you might find challenging.

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